ABFT in the Cloud
Timothy Crooks, CygNet

While an Automated Basic Functionality Test (ABFT) is not a new concept, especially with the days of Continuous Integration and Smoke Tests having preceded it, getting everyone in your organization to contribute isn't always as straightforward.  What I'd like to think we've done at CygNet Software is provide a internal-cloud-based testing platform for everyone's skill set and multiple forms of testing in our company.  Some of our QA and Dev folks are better script testers, some like our screen format (ActiveX controls for web/internal MDI client), while a majority of Dev is writing unit test console and UI apps.  My strength was in UI Automation, so I started with a user workflow oriented ABFT to cover user paths or the critical integration. Next, we created a script "bucket" and then a self-testing "screens" one, too.  Finally we wrote our own script-like wrapper format called "ARX" to order and pull in various apps, screens and scriptlets to get even more coverage done.

Tim is a Software Automation Engineer at CygNet Software.  He is the “Automation Architect” for UI workflow testing and the ABFT System, as well as test lead for various features in each release.  With a passion for “creative destruction” and software validation, he has tested and built multiple tools and frameworks for web, UI, and console-based applications.  Tim has 15+ years in Software Testing and Automation Frameworks from various companies—IBM, Microsoft, RealNetworks, VERITAS/Roxio and now CygNet Software.