Simon Stewart, Google

Google has a unique infrastructure for running web tests. This talk will focus on how this infrastructure evolved, from running tests on local machines, all the way up to the sophisticated tools available for Googlers now. Along the way, you'll learn how you, too, can build something similar using OSS, and a little bit of elbow grease. You'll walk away knowing just how much effort you want to expend on running your tests in the cloud, and whether a private or public implementation is the right thing for you.

Simon Stewart lives in London and works as a Senior Software Engineer in Test at Google. He is the current lead of the Open Source Selenium project and deeply involved with browser automation at work. Simon's first GTAC experience was in New York, where his carefully planned demo went horribly awry. It has been said before that Simon enjoys beer and writing better software, sometimes at the same time. This continues to be true. He is also the top hit for the search 'steel cage knife fight', a fact that makes him inordinately proud.