Cloud Sourcing - Realistic Performance, Load and Stress Testing
Sai Chintala, AppLabs

Today, most enterprises are tapping the cloud to gain several business benefits from reducing enterprise IT costs to improving workload optimization and service delivery. Apart from the tactical cost reduction, enterprises are beginning to value the immediate availability of the cloud offerings as well as the business flexibility it brings to an organization, since the current scenario demands adapting to emerging business requirements. While cloud computing offers these benefits, it presents a new set of challenges such as security, privacy, availability, data integrity, etc, which must be mitigated effectively. This session presents an approach and methodology to web application performance testing from the Cloud.

Sai has over 21 years of IT experience. He is been with AppLabs (which is recently acquired by CSC) since its founding year. He currently heads Solutions Engineering Group which is responsible for providing pre-sales technical solutions support to business teams across 3 geographies (US, UK, and Emerging Markets). Prior to AppLabs, Sai has worked with large enterprise organizations in US for over 12 years where he played multiple roles for companies such as Wiltel, Schlumberger Well Services, Fidelity Investments, and Alliance Data Systems. Sai has an MS in Computer Science from Lamar University, Texas and a BS in Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad.