Web Consistency Testing
Kevin Menard, Mogotest

Web Consistency Testing is a new form of automated Web testing that answers the simple question "does this page look the way it should?".  Historically, the way a page looks has been relegated to the status of "design artifact" and as such, been treated as something that must be tested with human eyes.  In my talk I present the results of research and development of an automated issue detection system that can be extended in numerous dimensions to detect cross-browser rendering issues, CSS regressions, and i18n differences.  Using the simplest representation possible, the "golden copy" of a page, this system requires no site-specific programming, making Web Consistency Testing available to every person in an organization, from product manager to QA engineer.

Kevin is the founder of Mogotest, a Web Consistency Testing service that aims to change the way we test Web sites and applications and simultaneously make testing available to all.  He's been involved with many open source projects over the years, most notably the Apache Cayenne and Tapestry projects, Selenium, svn2git, and the rubber Capistrano plugin for cloud provisioning and deployment of Ruby applications.  He is an Apache Software Foundation member and the current maintainer of the Selenium Grid project.