The Latest in Google Test Tools
Ibrahim El-Far, Google

Today’s test engineering is labor intensive, requires expensive switches in context, involves so much grunt work that it stifles creativity and slows down productivity, and, finally, it often ignores product and customer risks. Come and learn about the latest Google has to offer in open source test tools that help manual testers by eliminating much of the grunt work, keeping them focused on testing, and helping them prioritize their efforts based on risk. Chief among these are BITE, Quality Bots, Test Analytics, and Script Cover, the first two of which are the focus of this talk.

Ibrahim is an engineering manager at Google leading a team dedicated to building next-generation test tools for the web. Earlier he was a software engineer building developer tools used across the company. Prior to Google, Ibrahim was at Microsoft where he led tools and QA teams in Bing and SQL Server. His academic background includes extensive graduate-level work in software testing at the Florida Institute of Technology.