ScriptCover: Javascript Coverage Analysis Tool
Ekaterina Kamenskaya, Google

The Javascript coverage analysis tool is a Chrome extension that generates line-by-line coverage statistics for any web page without user modifications. The results are collected starting as the page loads and continues as users interact with the page. These results can be viewed in real-time with general overall coverage scores and for each external/internal script by highlighting those lines that were run.

The tool’s broad scope is attractive for both testers and developers by providing data used in a variety of common techniques for debugging, analysis, and exploration. The use of Javascript coverage in automated UI tests such as WebDriver provides an indication of how well an application is tested. Manual testers can utilize the information to understand how much of the application they have covered. The detailed coverage report is useful for identifying an application’s components and functionality that was not covered while testing, and for narrowing down the areas in the code that gives rise to a bug while debugging an application.

Ekaterina Kamenskaya is a PhD with over 14 publications related to image processing algorithms, face recognition, and psychological profiling.  Her career started as management for the quality assurance departments at Falk AG and later Doubleclick Inc.  She has since moved on and is now a Software Engineer in Test at Google.  Her work interests are related to all aspects of software testing, and automated testing and debugging of web applications in particular.