Behind Salesforce Cloud: Test Automation Cloud and Yoda
Chris Chen, Salesforce

How would you provide quick and accurate feedbacks to hundreds of check-in every day?  How would you triage hundreds of test failures each day? How would you validate each of more than one-hundred releases to production per year? These are the questions has had to answer during its twelve year history. These are the challenges that led to the creation of its “test automation cloud” and Yoda.  Chris provides a quick overview of how addresses those challenges.

In his role as senior manager of the test automation team at, Chris Chen drives key elements of the overall test automation strategy for the organization and oversees the development and testing of many test automation projects. Chris joined in 2001 and has worked in various areas of R&D. For the past six years, he has primarily focused on test automation and currently has several test automation-related patents pending.