Part the Clouds and See Fact from Fiction
Anthony Voellm, Google

The world of building software is undergoing rapid changes with the shift from desktop applications to highly connected and ubiquitous applications served from the Cloud. The shift to the Cloud poses new challenges (eq: how do you run xUnit frameworks on PAAS?) and opportunities on how to test while also creating whole new ways of testing in general (eg: fuzz testing on hundreds of machines for little cost). This talk will focus on helping you understand the challenges and opportunities while separating fact from fiction. It’s time to part the Clouds and understand what lies ahead.

Anthony F. Voellm currently leads the Google Cloud Test team and has a wide range of experience from kernel and database engines to graphics and automated image and map extraction from satellite images. Anthony is an avid inventor with 7 technology patents issued.  He is focused on delivering Rerformance, Reliability, and Security to existing products like Google Cloud Storage and Dremel while also innovating new offerings. Prior to joining Google in 2011, Anthony held multiple roles at Microsoft leading the Microsoft Windows Reliability, Security, and Privacy test team working on Windows7+; Microsoft Hyper-V Performance Team; and SQL Server Performance team. He has also been a developer and tester on the Windows Filesystem, SQL Server Engine, and SGI IRIX networking teams. Anthony has taught performance testing to over 2,000 people worldwide and given dozens of informative talks on software fundamentals. He keeps a personal technology blog on software fundamentals at In addition to computer interests his passions lie in growing engineers, building things, and doing anything outdoors. Anthony holds a Master of Science from George Washington University, BA in Physics and a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Vermont.