Meet the Committee

James Whittaker, Google

Dr. Whittaker is a long standing developer and tester advocate and a sought-after industry speaker. He is currently Google's Engineering Director over the Google+ APIs and tool chain. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Tennessee and is the author or coauthor of four acclaimed textbooks. How to Break Software,  How to Break Software Security (with Hugh Thompson) and How to Break Web Software (with Mike Andrews). His latest is Exploratory Software Testing: Tips, Tricks, Tours and Techniques to Guide Test Design and he's authored over fifty peer-reviewed papers on software development and computer security. He holds patents on various inventions in software testing and defensive security applications and has attracted millions in funding, sponsorship, and license agreements while a professor at Florida Tech. He has also served as a testing and security consultant for dozens of companies and spent 3 years as an architect at Microsoft. He is currently writing How Google Tests Software.

Brad Green, Google

Brad Green currently manages the Feedback, Accessibility Engineering, AngularJS, and Buganizer teams at Google.  Prior to this, Brad was the Test Engineering Manager for Enterprise, Gmail and Google+ and Code Health teams.  His work focused on test education for developers, metrics for developer testing and increasing stability and speed for scenario tests.

Before Google, Brad worked at a number of Bay Area start ups and also worked at NeXT Computer as the Sales Engineer to NeXT’s CEO at the time, Steve Jobs.  He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  Outside of work, Brad spends his time with his family (including a recent addition who just arrived last month!) and does not wear shoes very often.

Jason Arbon, Social Engineer

Jason has recently managed several teams at Google on Chrome/HTML5 test engineering tools, and search experiments. Jason previously worked at Microsoft leading the test team for Bing search relevance and ranking. Past projects include: Google Talk, Google Desktop, BizTalk Server, MSN, Windows Filesystem, WindowsCE and Exchange Server. Jason has also worked at two startups, a small distributed message routing platform company, and co-founded a stealth social search startup just prior to working at Google. Primary software interests are in search relevance, applying social networking signals, distributed systems for automation and quantification of relevance and software quality. Jason received BS degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah.

Jianguo Chen, Software Engineer in Test

Jianguo Chen has more than 10 years experience in software testing, and is currently the Tech Lead and Manager for Google Search Infrastructure test team in Seattle and Kirkland. Since he joined Google in November, 2009, he has gained a lot of insight knowledge about Google search infrastructure and has built automation framework to enable effective and efficient testing.

Prior to Google, Jianguo worked in Microsoft as Senior Test Lead, Senior Software Engineer in Test and Software Engineer in Test on a variety of projects. Outside of work, he loves reading and biking.

Nikhil Gore, Tech Lead & Manager

Nikhil Gore joined Google in March 2005 and has worked on Ads Backend, Google Talk and Search Infrastructure building automation frameworks and helping teams automate.  In addition, he has managed the Search Infrastructure testing team in Kirkland and is currently the Tech Lead and Manager for the Kirkland and Seattle Google+ test teams. Nikhil also teaches the "Interview Training" class within Google engineering education programs, aimed at training engineers to interview the Google way.

Before Google, Nikhil worked at BEA Systems (now part of Oracle), testing debugging tools. He has a MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Pune (India). Outside of work, Nikhil spends time playing football, soccer and ultimate frisbee and recovering from injuries.

Adam Haberlach, Senior Test Engineer

Adam Haberlach joined Google in 2005, and is currently managing the teams that build Google's bug-tracking infrastrcture.  Over the past six years, he has been the test lead for Android, developed a Test Engineering team in Sydney, Australia for the Wave team, and worked on internal systems such as Google's billing infrastructure and the Linux distribution used by engineers.

Before Google, Adam held jobs ranging from Sales/QA Engineer at a small startup making network management tools to working at a Climbing gym to make ends meet to spending a year in Law School.  He also worked at Be, Inc. testing the Be Operating system for several years.

Kenji Imasaki, Test Engineer

Kenji Imasaki joined Google in September 2010 as Test Engineer in Kirkland, Washington. He is currently working on developing testing automation infrastructure for Chrome Video stack. He is also responsible for organizing the testing group in Kirkland.

Before Google, Kenji worked on backend testing for Kindle and frontend testing for 6 different locales at He has B. Sc./M. Sc. from Kyushu University in Japan and Ph.D. in CS from Carleton University, Canada. In his spare time, Kenji enjoys playing soccer, singing in Karaoke and spending time with his 2-year-old daughter.

Ted Mao, Software Engineer

Ted Mao works on testing tools and infrastructure for Google engineers. He is currently the technical lead for Matrix, a browser provisioning service for web testing at Google, and a core contributor to Google's overall web testing strategy.  Prior to Matrix, he led efforts on AdWords, MapReduce, and Buganizer.

Chaitali Narla, Software Engineer in Test 

Chaitali Narla joined Google in Feb 2010 as a Software Engineer in Test and is currently working in the Google Contacts team. She has worked with many Google technologies including Bigtable, Map-Reduce, GData, AppEngine and GWT as part of her job. She enjoys building scalable test automation frameworks and improving release processes.
Chaitali has a MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Florida and a BE in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai, India. She enjoys teaching and has helped prepare courses for new-hires and interns at Google. Chaitali also enjoys making handmade greeting cards and volunteering with local non-profits.

Bonnie Ritchey, Test Engineering Manager

Bonnie Ritchey joined Google in October of 2008 and has worked as both a Test Manager and Software Engineer in Test on Google Documents, Toolbar and this year joined an exciting project that's still under wraps. She has worked to develop test tools and frameworks for each project, establish test strategies that will be maintainable and reusable as products grow and has been challenged to find solutions for new and existing problems in testing.

A graduate of Duke University, Bonnie has also worked as a Developer in Graphics at IBM, a Test Lead at Microsoft on the Hotmail and Cloud Storage teams and also as a Test Manager for the Platforms team at Yahoo. Outside of work, Bonnie competes in aerobatic contests and makes wine.