Full Length Talks
To be considered for a Full Length Talk, please use the form above to submit the title of your talk, authors' names and affiliations, and a link to your detailed abstract. 

Your proposal should include:
  • names and affiliations of authors
  • the topic of the proposed talk
  • a detailed, extended abstract (1 page at most)
  • outline of the proposed talk
To help us review your proposal, we recommend you include one or two highlight slides you intend to use in your talk. We also encourage each presenter to provide a 3-5 minute video explaining the idea behind their talk. Submitting slides and a video are optional, but strongly recommended.

Lightning Talks
To be considered for a Lightning Talk, please use the form above to submit the title of your talk, authors' names and affiliations, a link to your video, and a link to your short abstract.

You must provide a video (no longer than 5 minutes). If you are not selected to participate in the conference, please note that your video may still be chosen for screening at GTAC.

Please use this form to submit your proposal (Full Length or Lightning Talk). Note that the same form is used for both Participants and Speakers. Applications close on Sunday, July 10.

We will confirm receipt of your proposal within one business day. Once you send in a proposal, you will automatically be considered for attending GTAC as a Participant. Please note that submissions may not be kept confidential and can be shared without any further consent from the speaker due to our participant-driven selection process.

By submitting your proposal, you confirm that you have the authorization to share the information in your talk publicly. GTAC is a public conference and all talks will be recorded and published on YouTube free-of-charge. Please do not share confidential information unless you and your organization are willing to make that information freely available. All speakers must sign a release form prior to the conference.

If you registered but can no longer attend the conference, please notify us immediately at gtac2011@google.com so someone from the waiting list may be able to attend.